A chance comes like this comes once in a lifetime so, I don't want to waste this opportunity. Maybe this chance will open a field for me to develop my English . I am applying to the Ajyal Talent Program because I need to gacquiret many skills. This chaopportunce ity can help me to become a more responsible person .
I can to learn many
ofnew skills about ainy subjthect fieldsuch usof English, math and science; it'hese soare important subjectkills in my stuacadyemingc life, so I mustneed to develop thoese skills further to complete my life.
English has become a
very important language . Many most people use this language t. We can connect to other people with this latonguage . English is the most fampopuslar language in the world . Through this program I can get many skills. AIn factually , I want to develop my language capabilities and change my accent . Now we must speak English because in the coming years everything will be in this language .

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