Beep…..Beep.....Beep...Beep…………………...Open up, it's the CpdPD.(Chicago Police Department). hHow could everything that was ever important to me, disappear in a matter of days,? Death, Ssuicide attempts and Ppolice following me everywhere I go. How could an all-star NCAA basketball player go from the best in the country, to the person everyone is out to kill.

April 4 2016 Tuesday 9:05 AM
The world's greatest NCAA Damark King was heading home for break after the end of the NCAA Tournament
. aAfter all I’ve have been through last night, I thought I was invincible, going against UCLA and the power house of Lonzo Ball, and Tj Leaf. tThe best experience I could have imagined, but with every good experience you have something that ends your life.

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