It is fiery dance
wthichat is a symbol of Spain.
is a bmusyic muis energetic, and dance is done wearing dresses with flounces.
It was founded in Andalu
csia, and has roots in the songs of gypsyies.

The most popular places in Spain

Sagrada Familia, Alhambra, Prado, Mezquita, Ibiza, La Ramola
, and other beautiful places.

Spanish clubs

The most popular
isare FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

FC Barcelona was
mafounded in 1899. Beyond the football section, it is also includes basketball, roller hockey, and futsal.

Real Madrid was
mafounded in 1902. Theis club has a popular basketball team, too.

Corrida de toros

These are the people fighting with the bulls. It began in the Middle Ages. They are organized to entertain people.

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