What impact (if any) has this course had on your perspective on leadership for social change? I would say, as far as the social change, I have seen a big Iimprovement aind the kids' overall attitude; obviously, it was different when I first took over; just because of the simple fact that the majority of these kids come from troubled backgrounds and they just need some guidance. tThat's one of the things that we focus on -telling them no, they can't go to class and fight, and do things that they know they're not supposed to do but. tThey have to love one another, look out for one another, and it wais all about teamwork. tThat's one of the things cCoach Bryant and Coach Willis one to focused on is: teamwork -making sure when they're at class and if they see one of their friends Mmisbehavin youg, protect your team thatlike you protect your brother and. tThat's one thing that I've learned since I've been playing football, and it's one thing that I tried to apply to them.

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