Good afternoon.

I am more than willing to learn anything needed for this job but I want to make sure
that what Tony has said to me is accurate withthe same as what you said to him and are expecting. I am coming into this with not a lot of experience directly related to this field, so I don't know how that would play out when looked atcompared with other candidates. I will study everything about the organization and the things you have said I need to know, but I do worry ofabout getting hung up on things in the interview that might be alarming to others compared to some of the other candidates who may even have the degree it says is required. So I just want to make sure I would be even a possibility knowing all this, which I'm not saying you, of course, don't already know. Just with you being Tony's family I want to keep it uncomplicated and be upfront about all my experience related to the job and not set myself up or put you in an uncomfortable situation.

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