Narcos is an absolute favorite for me, especially when it had a character like Pablo Escobar. I was waiting for season threeSeason 3 like all fans, but not with big expectations since the kingKing of Colombia is dead. If I want to judge on the season from athe point of view of a critic, it's been executed brilliantly, but with a few major story loopholes. One major story defect for me was the fact that Jorge, the head of the Cali Cartel security, didn't even have & two. The development of the four main characters, especially the two godfathers of the Cali Cartel was very quick. It didn't leave room tofor get us attached to any of the characters like we did with Escobar.

In conclusion, the finale of
season threeSeason 3 passed away with some disappointing documentary style footage. There was no shocking ending, just your plain dull history statements. Archivelike archive footage from the arrests of the Rodriguez brothers and glimpses of what happened to the other two partners, Pacho & Chepe. They started as "bad-assbad-asses" to end as another two lame dead gangsters.

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