Dear Administrators,
I am very pleased
that I canto be able to take part in your plebiscitevote. I nominate a movie called Pirates'Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's RevengeRevenge'. This is the latest work of Johnny Depp. It's a great touch ofaddition to the series. ... Heroes set out on a journey to find the Trident, which no one has reacheddiscovered yet. The film reaches a dramatic climax as Hector falls into the ocean's abyss after telling Carina Smyth that he is her father.
When I
watchingwas watching this movie, I can't describecouldn't put into words how I felt, but it was wonderful. I recommend it for everyone. and I hope that evenat least one of the film series will be on the list, even if it isn’t the latest partepisode.

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