Ken looked in his backpack to find his camera, but it was not there. He had to renderturn in his project, Andand everything was on the camera. He was completly condusedcompletely confused. As soon as he noticed that he had forgotten his camera, he asked his teacher for one more day for the project. Ken left art-class totally furious. FirstlyFirst, he reminded,remembered that he had been in the changing room. He run, so he ran there very fast. Unfortunately, the camera was not there. In school, Ken was veryeven more confused. He came back home and started looking for his camera everywhere. It had just dissapereddisappeared. He realized that, somehow, all hisof the work, whichthat he had put into this homework had just toddled off. He laid on his bed and wanted to scream. Suddenly, he heard his younger sister running into his room with- she had his! He was absolutlyabsolutely shocked. Ken's sister had taken his camera to show it to her friends. In the end, he was very happy that he got his camera back and could hand in his project.

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