Hello Prince,

Do you have any updates on the interview?
There was one
thing I feel that I wasn't able to convey properly over skypeour Skype call, hence writing againI'm following up. Please, can you forward it to the Mr. Amit Joshi?Joshi.

In my interview, I mentioned
about aa conflict with my manager onduring working hours. I feltfeel that I did not phrase the words properly, hence I am writing this email to express it in the right way. My earlier manager had asked me to stay back, postpast working hours, andwhich I havehad done itfor quite a few days, when there was work. butBut, when there was no work, I opposed it, since I did not see any value addvalue-add in stretching when there iswas no work,. I hope you will agree with me. Also, II also want to mentionadd that I am veryextremely flexible in working extra hours/stretching when there is work/need.

Thanks much,
Venus Jain

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