Anana cried in anger and grief as she sat beside her younger brother, Elin. He was the only one she knew of left of her family, everyone else in her family had either died or turned. The pole sticking out of his chest was covered in barb's, nails, chains, and other such material that was only supposed to be used against the Scorn, a skeleton zombie like creature bent on finding and devouring any flesh of any kind wetherwhether alive or dead but preferedpreferred the living. Her brother was an innocent victim of some jerks who had set out of whatever safe zone they came from to hunt the Scorn and thought he was poisoned/turning, as the savesafe zones where domed off because of the virus still being in the air.
butBut her brother and her and these people weren't susceptible to it, so those jerks had no right!
Anana was likely next, but couldn't get past her brothers dying groans, and wanted revenge.

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