theThe negative effects of smoking

smokingSmoking is a dangerous bad habit because it containedcontains harmful ingredients that effect the body directly. Most of the people start smoking at the age of teenagerin their teens and continue for the rest of their life because of the difficulty of quitting smoking. thereThere are three negative effects that affect the human on many sidesa smoker. firstFirst, it leads to physical diseases and mostly effects the lung asthmalungs, it also changes the color of one's teeth and gumgums. secondSecond, it is an expensive habit and cost people a lot of money smoking makecosts people a lot of money to buy the cigarette, therefore, its effects on a social life of. Buying cigarettes is a drain and impacts one's life, especiallh poor people especially the social lifebecause of a poor personthe expense. finallyFinally, it effects the psychological of smokers actually it causesbrain as smoking is an addiction to their brain the popular effect of smoking thatand psychologically, a smoker will feel incomplete without regular smoking mood swing regularlyand it affects their moods. toTo sum up, smoking is a deadly habit, and effect the body by causing diseases. 9

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