The negativeNegative Effects of Smoking
There are several negative effects
ifof smoking on athe human body and the environment. First, smoking can affectshas a negative effectseffect on the human body. Thus, itIt can increase the risk of many diseases, iverover the long term, such as cancer, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Also, the substances that a person inhaleinhales don't just impact on the lungs, but it can impact onthe entire body. Second, smoking lead tohas an effect on the human behavior. ConsequantlyConsequently, smokingnicotine addiction makes the smoker a nervous person, but the most smoker are beilivesmokers will say that smoking improveimproves their mood. Finally, smoking not only affects on the smokerssmoker's health, it also influncesdamages the environment. Smoking pollutesby polluting the air, water, and the land. In conclusion, smoking is one of the most daneriuddangerous habits overin the world, andbased on the amount of harm it does to both the smoker's body and environment.

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