In this paper, a novel two-dimensional photonic crystal based all-optical AND/OR logic gates aregate is designed, tested and optimized. The structure is built inon a linear square lattice photonic crystal platform. A multi wavelength operation, together with simultaneous operation, is achieved at ultra-high bit rates. The concurrent operation is achieved without altering the proposed design continuously, as stated in the literature. The design under consideration adds the merits of internal simplicity with no auxiliary input requirement, and an absence of externally attached phase shift units. EnhancementThe enhancement process has been done to the rods' radius. A remarkable representation tool thatwhich combines data from operating wavelengths, contrast ratio, and bit rate (BR) is developed to establish an efficient optimization process. Each gate is optimized independently. OptimizationThe optimization process provides that, at 1.52 µm, the proposed design will have a successful multi logic gate operation with ultra-high bit rates of 7.07 Tbit/s and 4.81 Tbit/s for AND and OR logic gates respectively. The design has an acceptable size of (19.8x12.6 μm) and a contrast ratio of 9.7 dB, and 17.92 dB for the designed AND and OR gate respectively.

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