​​We are privileged to have another 365 days
round'round the Sun. The sun supplies energy and light that can be used to power our vigor and also luminateilluminate our path as we seek to cover more groundsground. Remember that we are still in the race to fulfill what has been written concerning us in destiny.​

​​As we strive to unlock our potentials, be reminded that the actions we took yesterday brought us to our present position. Yesterday provides us with hindsight that will be improved upon with insights
, so we can have foresight. I charge you to stay strong this year, because one of the major problems of intelligent ones is that they tend to avoid anything that threatens their intellectual capacity. keepKeep your soul above any challenge, and your body will figure a way. Trust me, it is not too late to draft a plan for the year. Have it in mind that success and failure share the same start, but the end of one is the beginning if the other.​


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