Olivia is my best friend. She is 15. She is short. She has long brown, long hair and very big green eyes. She's funny, friendly, and intelligent but sometimes not kind.
She goes to high school in Chicago, where she has to wear
a school uniform: a white shirt, a green sweater with her school's logo, and a dark skirt or trousers. Every day she wears her red trainers - she really loves them.
But after school and at the weekend
, she wears amazing clothes! They are very colourful, fashionable, and trendy. She buys everything inon the Internet because she doesn't like shopingshopping at shopping centers aror markets. She also desingsdesigns her own clotkesclothes, but she doesn't make them.
Our styles are different. While she likes standing out
bywith her clothes, I wear dark, loose, comfortable clothes. She's very active - I prefer to lie in bed the whole weekend, whereas Olivia enjoys runrunning, swimswimming, and play basketball or voleyballvolleyball.
Altought we'reAlthough we prefer different styles and have different caracterscharacters, we're realyreally good friends.

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