Sitting here in my backyard, reflecting on my 30 years of my life. fromFrom childhood, I was brought up to hustle. thankThanks to the two men above god- God first and my apaApa - for showing me how to work for it, and to my grandma and parents for believing in me, I had mya career making top dollar, traveling none stopnon-stop, but I was unhappy. thankThanks my friend Maria and Mom thatmy mom, who pushed me to follow my dreams back to school. I'm about to graduate in three weeks and onI'll be one step closer to opening my own Businessbusiness; a dream come true from mysince childhood. Today, I turn 31 and I feel like it’s only the beginning toof a new chapter of businessbeing a business owner. noNo one said that it willwould be easy, but everyone that knows me knows that I love a challenge, thankchallenge! Thank you, lord, for another year. 31 - let’s make it worth!

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