TODAY I was in aon leave, so I flopped into the bed, and even ifthough I was tired, I couldn't get myself to sleep for some reason. So I just continued changing the sleeping positions, trying to find a better position every other time.


There you go, I wasn't even asleep and someone was already there to wake me up. I sighed and turned around
,; "noona?"Noona Yoonwoo, who was in school uniform, peeked inside the room, "what?" I asked, furrowing my brows.

youngeryoungster ran inside, still carrying his school bag, "I missed you" he hugged me tightly and suddenly started sobbing in my arms. "We live in the same house, Yoonwoo" I giggled, caressing his hair as he didn't intend to let me go.

The hug was really long until he finally decided to break it, "but you are never home" he pouted, avoiding my eyes and tear stains were visible on his cheeks. I pulled him closer to me and started, "I always come home at night-" but got cut off by him.

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