MTD is one of thea professional construction company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It’sIts vision is to provideoffer a primercomplete, full solution engineering provider, acting as the foundation stone in the field of construction activities. Our commitment is to form enduring relationships, built on a combination of trust, pragmatic methodology, long-range vision &and diverse experience.
commitment to customer satisfaction has led the way to continuous growth and a reputation for quality products and professionalism. Our services are viewed as a partnership with our clients, working hand in hand towardshand-in-hand toward mutual success.
We offer a well-integrated, comprehensive framework of professional services utilizing computer systems &and engineering software, which serve as the backbone of our vision.

We deliver turn-key projects such as shopping malls, public &and commercial buildings, palaces, hotels, residential villas and compound includecompounds, including all kinds of civil works, finishing and interior design works.
is associated with a number of prestigious design officesfirms to offer it’sits clients fullcomplete design &and engineering development services.

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