Learn from others' mistakes

Improve your language skills by learning from how we corrected others.

Tattoos and piercings have become more and more common and accepted within our society, but it still holds the same sigma it has always hashad in the workplace, therefore making its integration far from a complete success.

Even though tattoos and piercings are considered a way to express oneself

Therapist therapist met with the student to conductedconduct the Biopsychosocial Assessment. However, during the assessment, the student reported to the therapist that, at the age of two, her oldest brother’sbrother was touching her and his younger brother inappropriately whereand they ended up going forto therapy. However, the st.....

Hello, Mr Ben,
This is
barristerBarrister Russell, from Cyprus. I am contacting you on behavebehalf of your fiance, missMiss Yolanda, and her estate here in Limassol, Cyprus. I have worked with her for a couple of weeks now handling the tax issues with the government. HopeI hope you are feeling much better, causebecause she tol.....

This is to bring to your attention poor housekeeping services provided at C5-2. During my daily safety rounds this morning, while conducting a follow up on a complaint of a strong odor from yesterday within the C5-2 unit. On, on entering C5-2 unit, I realizednoticed that there was dirt hovering at the entrance .....

Die on-line BedienungenOnline-Bedienungen, durch die die Studierende anin ihrem studentischen Lebenszyklus (z. B. Hausaufgabe herunterladen, sich für einen Kurs anzumelden, usw.) teilnehmen können, werden von einer Vielzahl von Plattformen und Programmen (moodle, Mahara, Stud.IP , Mail, PH WebsitePH-Website, LSF) vermittelt, jede. Jede davon.....

1) WritersThe writer's position includes the defendsa defense of freedom of speech. And, and at the same time, the writer feels define thedefines real hate crime, and not to confuse it with freedom of speech.

2) The writer
givesprovides an example of the ordinance of St. Paul, Minn., about hate crime-laws and how they can go wrong. Because ofdue to misi.....

The aim of this report is to talk about drinking among youngsters. My englishEnglish teacher has asked me to conduct a survey to find out what habits youngsters have in terms ofwith regards to alcohol consumption in our area.

It is easy for adults to think of teen drinking as an act of rebellion
, but the reasons you.....

Growing up with my older brother and my grandfather that adopted me a couple years after my birth was a major difficulty in my life. Being raised without my mom and dad was very challenging because there arewere so many moments I havedid not experiencedexperience. Studies say children with an absent mother tend to ha.....

Dear Martin,
youyour new job at Warren Enterprises, itsit's indeed a pleasure to learn that you are now Marketing Manager. In this day and age of cutthroat competition, itsit's extremely gratifying when a man of very great talent and tried-and-true ability gets his just desertsdesserts, so to speak.
ItsIt's .....

Patricia Kern
Titan Security Group
616 West Monroe Street
Chicago, Illinois 60661

Dear Patricia Kern

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to interview me for the Accounts Receivable Analyst position at Titan Security Group. I enjoyed meeting you and
lI was keenly m.....

How does the linguistic demand of scientific texts impact English language learner’slearners’ understanding of science at a higher level?
The language of science itself presents challenges for any student in a science class
, due to the linguistic demand of the scientific text. The challenge of understanding .....

After reading the article “What are Liberal Arts”, I developed a new understanding about it’stheir importance. Liberal Arts is a transport you to a world of endless outcomes. We can learn to avoid redundant misfortunes by entrusting the past to instruct uswith our education, by learning from our previous mistakes. Liberal Arts wil.....

Hi guys!
How have y’all been doing? I really miss you guys!
I know some of you know me and others don’t.
I currently
liveserve in Korea servingthe Army and live in the armyKorea. I need your prayer, weprayers. We are in a dangerous situation regarding COVID (Corona Virus Disease). We have over 500 infecteesinfected with 4 deaths. There is .....

The contemporary cultural history of India is the result of overwhelming cultural diversity. Relations between Britain and India have always been the subject of many studies and interpretations. Art was still used by the British Empire to impose its power. In addition, orientalist stereotypes were m.....

El nueve de octubre de 2001 estabafue un día muy terrible para los estados unidosEstados Unidos. En esteEse dia, dos aviones se estrellaron contra las torres gemelasTorres Gemelas y mataron a tres mil personas. A las ocho y cuarenta y cinco minutos, un avión de Boston que tenía noventa y dos personas se estrelló contra la torre norteTorre Norte. Desp.....

Hi Noran!
How are you? I got your email yesterday. It was nice to hear from you
, and congratulations on getting your masters,master's. I’m happy for you!
, you wanted to know about my job. Well, I work for Capcom as a video game producer.
I start work at 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. My main responsibilities are tendin


Sex is what you think you want
, until you taste sensuality. Then, all of a sudden, you want more.

It's the very thought of getting caught that
that's exciting.

The fact that the brain doesn’t know the difference between fantasy and reality gives you the biggest advantage to step into an infinite w

The romantic period (1820-1900) was a
period of time consisting ofduring which composers beingwere particularly expressive. This was the time ofwhen queen Victoria 1I reigned, and the British empireEmpire was still a thing. Wordsworth (is a poet) was big atwell-known poet from this time. He, he wrote the famous "I wander lonelyWandered Lonely as a cloud,

As we
Cloud". Wi.....

romantic periodRomantic Period (1820-1900) was a period of time consisting of composers being expressive. This was the time of queenQueen Victoria 1 and the British empireEmpire. The poet, Wordsworth ( a poet) was big, was popular at this time. He wrote, "I wander lonelyWandered Lonely as a cloudCloud",

As well asThe artist, Turner, ( an arwas also very popular a.....

I am somewhat comfortable talking about race with children. Children may understand the concept of physical differences but, not race. They understand why a child looks a different way. However; however, they don’t understand why a child has a different skin tone. Race can be a tough issue to deal with in pre.....