Learn from others' mistakes

Improve your language skills by learning from how we corrected others.

bBased on my jobs experience forf almost 10 years in customer service, like- iI have been workinged as a performance singer, waitress and also as a beauty consultant, d- healping with customers is one of my skills. I am a patient person whicho can entertain people wconsith the best service as much as I can tly. My skills also includinge thave ability to interact wit.....

Here with, I am sending an amount of Rs.16050 , chequeck Nno.000015, dated 21/02/2017 , of HDFC bBank, towards water Mmeter charges due . That icovers water meter charges July 2015 to fFeb 2017, is Rs.6050 and the penalty is Rs.10,000, so the total amount is Rs. 16050.

Dear family, a

s you all know, my graduation is on the 25th mof May, and I need to start booking for hotels as soon as possible, before all the hotels get packed. That being said, iI need to know who will be able to come, and who won't be able to come.

It’s time being to do the quick action on the below changes,. aAt the same time, the release will get delayed untill next Wednesday.
WouldIf you be give me the exceptional approval for me on this, hence we wouilld have to initiate UAT again once the changes have been done.

I was in the kitchen, trying to make myself dinner, ,when I heard all of this damn banging on the door. It wands the probation department looking for Kierra.

Managed all Project activities concerning Qquality, Sschedule, Rresources, and costs for diverse GE Gas Turbine 9E, 9FB, and 9FA, including Ggenerators, Kkey interface with client, and client's subcontractors. Implemented base-line project controls,.

It would be best if Helen returned to her own people, dbecause to the fact that it would ceasend the war. First and foremost, Menelaus's kingdom has many allies, and if Helen went back to her people, her home kingdom would always be protected, and the city of Troy would be in tranquillity. In Black Ships Before Troy, t.....

Hi Robbie, this is Judy. cCan you please ask your mom if she can please send me a copy of my tax return.?

Dear friends,
I’m part of a new
Aartistic Pproject, www.maskin.pt.
At this time we’re looking for designers, illustrators, a
nd artists to participate in our 1st Challenge.
Please share
and SPREAD THE WORD about MASKIN with your contacts that could be potentially interested toin participateing.
Follow our

Dear friends,

I’m taking part ofin a new Aartistic Pproject: www.maskin.pt

At this time, we’re looking for designers, illustrators, and artists to participate in our 1first Challenge.

Please share and SPREAD THE WORD about MASKIN with any of your contacts twhat coul'd be potentially be interested toin participat.....

rRewrite the sentences in the passive so that the focus is on the action, not on who or what did the action:

1. The thieves stole the painting.

2. The cat had eaten his sandwich.

3. The drought killed 10,000

4. The police had towed away her car.


One of the main reasons why I love the city where aI live, is because everyone is free to be their mselfves, without beeing afraid of saying or wearing what they want ! In tThis is what makes people happier... freedom is equal to happiness and when the rest of the world will applyies this way tof see theing life, respectin.....

The level of quantity should be produced in order to maximizatione profit.

of the ATC curve is above the MR curve.

The firms are experiencing profit losses.


An den Wochenendenden ich zuverbringe ich meine Zeit mit lLesen. Als ich jünger war, mochte ich Märchen. Aber jetzt mag ich die Themen Mythen und Legenden lesen. Das letzte Buch, das ich las, war Theodor Storms „Der Schimmelreiter“. Ich lerfahrne viele neue Autoren in meinen Literaturklassen kennen. Ich mag es, .....

Let's not talk about problems
to not fix the things we don't want to acknowledge
That in subconscious hopes will fix themselves over time
even though we both know they won't
so we wither away from doing nothing
because we're to
o scared to do something
Because although we're equipped to evolve

Good morning Ms. Abi,

I apologize for sending you
athis late notice., but I will not be able to come to my set interview today at 1pm because. mMy manager requested thato I extend my shift, from graveyard up to this afternoon, becaduse myto a colleague i's absentce and wbe areing undermstannffed.

I hope for your gookind consideratio.....

I brought a secret weapon to Lake of the Woods and she made sure that we had enough fish to take home.

The cross-media promotion campaign I will be discussing is 'Olympus Has Fallen'. The genre of the film is an action/thriller, and it starrings Morgan Freeman, whicho is the highest paid actor as he is a well-known actor within the field of presidential roles,. Aaron Eckhart is the main character, and Gerard Butler who is .....

D'habitude, je vpairs en vacances une fois par an, si ma famille ne parviennenut pas à se le permettre. Si nous ne pouvons

Kindly note ; that I didn’t lie abonut anything I said (and I will never ;), because I feel you think so ,. and wWhat happened to me may be didn’t happened to allny of my colleagues, who are very happy with the service .