Learn from others' mistakes

Improve your language skills by learning from how we corrected others.

I am writing to reiterate my interest in becoming a member of the Class of 2020 at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law. Northwestern has been my top choice for law school since I applied in December, and further research onof its programs and clinics has made it very clear to me that Northwestern Law .....

Duplet is an exhibit that allows two people to sit on opposite sides of each other at a time andacross from one another and answer a series of questions postedposed by the artist. I think that thisthis will allow many of us to learn more about one anothereach other and will also allow us to understand each otherone another better. This can be of great help when we split everyone splits .....

I am sure that it will be fun as well as, and some of the answers might not be what any one of us would expect. This will create new memories for every one of us and wouldwill definitely be a fun day out that we wouldwill remember for ages. Hence, I think that these two activities will not only help us improve our arti.....

OT ASRE conversion follows specificationcertain specifications. As per specification it converts only Multiple Arrestee Segment Indicator ‘C’ and ‘N’ values. For Eastland PD conversion, there are two transactions with indicator ‘M’, which will not be converted. This flag is not considered in MA system conversion.....


wir sind
ein Unternehmen mit Sitz in Litauen.
Wir haben
derden Vertrag auf deutsch, derenden wir in Litauen übersetzübersetzt haben, aber meinen wirauf deutsch. Wir denken aber, dass wir noch eine Korrektur brauchennoetig ist. Es gibtsind ca. 2.000 Wörter. Lassen Sie mich bitte mich wissen, wie viele die Korrektur dieses Vertrags kosten wird.
Später pla


I loking some personam looking for someone who do it for medoes full gutteringgutter maintenance, which isincluding cleaning, new sealing and other necessary work. ThisThe house is aat the end of terace housea terrace and there so may be some aditionaladditional cleaning have to be important atof the nightboursneighbor's house as well.

rocksRocks and wetlands they are very beneficial for soil by nitrogen. Nitrogen fixation enrichedenriches it with nitrogenous fertilizer, and producingproduces polysaccharide, which has an important effect in soilson soil.

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Tattoos in the workplace: ;againstDespite the misconceptions that some employers have have of the onesabout people with tattoos, there are many companies and careers that accept and welcome people with tattoosthem. Tattoos in the workplace are becoming more common and accepted, but the more presentable professions still deny application.....

I worked with TJ today. First, he wrote in his journey book and then we went tointo the garden for weeding. He was really good at weeding and he was very happy. It was helping for him to get a job in the future. After that we came back to the office for a lunch. He studied a little English and vocabulary.


I went over to the hub yesterday and witnessed for myself the impact this account is having on the operations. John replied to my email, stating that he will send the information to the customer. I called John and expressed my concerns on his email reply and reiterated the impact this was hav.....

It was also a great delight to know these kind and amiable people, who helped me bywith their personalitypleasant personalities, for building a gorgeouswonderful experience that mightwill be very constructive for my life.

Hi , Cid ,

The file for Maria Guerrero was
review for reviewedreviewed for initial processing, and is missing required documentation,. It is not ready to be sent to the Underwriting Cabinet.
NOI will be created after 10 days of the initial
Loanloan application 07/08/2017(07/08/2017).

This isThese are the item needitems needed:

• 1003 Loan appl

Hi, Lynne.

The file has been reviewed for initial processing
, and is being sent to the Underwriting Cabinet.
, the borrower has been contacted and informed of the process of the file.

Ms. Winters entered work adjustment services on February 24, 2017. No community tryout was available. Mrs. Brinda Whitcomb, production manager of AbilityWorks, indicated that she was planning on offering Ms. Winters a job. Although her original vocational goal was to work as a cashier, Ms. Winters s.....

Good day, johnJohn, my name is George Mangos with Antwerpen Volkswagen. I received your inquiry on the 2017 VW Beetle. theThe car is still in stock. ifIf you would like to schedule a test drive, feel free to call me anytime at 410-760-6300 ext 15121. thanks johnThanks, John, have a great day. lookingLooking forward to hearing.....

Hi Sara, .

I ask you at least twice a week, sometimes daily, how I am doing and what I need to improve on. Each time you assure me I am doing fine. I worry that this is not the case. Could you please meet with me to go over what can make me a more productive employee.employee? I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi Dr. M,

Here are the video presentations
for on the first Ripple mapping case that we did last week.

If you need anything else
, please let me know.

Here are my revisions: - it's a Greatgreat paper!

Robert King

Professor Heredia


When people hear the
word distractedwords 'distracted driving,' the first thing that enters peoplescomes to mind is cell phone usage.

Q: I think iI missed a point, do you sleep withon the same mattress together?

A: I bring the mattress. At first
, I sleep by myself, but after a while, Shohei becamecomes to "asleepsleep next door"."

ItIt's starting to become as isa habit, gradually ... ....

A: At the beginning
, he put his head on. Thendown, then I noticed he was ge.....