The action is set in the Caribbean. In times at a time when England still had many colonies. The film tells the story of the CapitanCaptain Jack Sparrow and people related withto him in different ways. Of course there is a lot of fictional thingsfiction. All the main heroes are faced with difficult choices regarding their lives. CapitanCaptain Salazar wants to finally get rid of the knob. Henry Turner have Similarhas a similar intention. He wants to free his father from the Flying Dutchman. Jack also has a hugelot of bad luck. He loses a lot of things by thatbecause of a curse.
The premiere took place this year. Unfortunately
forup until now, the film hasn’thas not won many awards. It'sIt is a brilliant production because we have five films in total, based on the same world. It deserves to be on the list of movies that everyone should see. In this way you can easily find half of the list.
The plot has an unexpected twist, even a few. Jack can again show what he can afford.
CapitanCaptain Hector Barbossa was well presented too. The film reaches a dramatic climax as Hector falls into the ocean's abyss.

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