Because the company you work for is experiencing remarkable growth, many of those
employees being women with children, management has decided to establish a daycare
, which will offer competitive to discounted prices, and smaller child-teacher ratios
in the office complex where the company exists.
Five certified daycare providers with exceptional training and experience
, have been
hired to keep the staff’s children. The center will accept children from
the ages of 66 six
until the age ofto 12 years of age. There are, however, limited spaces available; the. The
number of children that meet these requirements
numberis almost 50. As forOnly 30 spaces,
only 30
exist in this daycare.
Your task is to create an email and emphasize at least
4four benefits that YOU come up with
for this center. What could a daycare center offer these employees who work long
hours? Be creative; you may want to consider these aspects: financial savings;
educational benefits of these amazing caregivers; time management for these parents;
emotional support/convenience for new mothers/fathers; location, location,
art programs/fun stuff that the center could offer; food preparation for the children,
etc. What would be so wonderful at this place that mothers would change their current
childcare arrangements?

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