The Amelia Boynton movement has changed our nation tremendously, and will never be forgotten. Amelia spent 104 years fighting for her rights and didn't let anything get in her way.

Amelia Robinson Boynton was the first African American woman and the first female Democratic candidate to run for a seat in Congress from Alabama. She was born in Savannah on August 18th, 1911
, and passed away August 26th, 2015 at age 104. Amelia spent her first two years at Savannah State University, then transferred to Tuskegee University and graduated. She graduated with a home economicsHome Economics degree before following her education at Tennessee State University, Virginia State University, and Temple University. She married her coworker and they both wanted to make the lives of African Americans better. Her husband passed away in 1963, but Amelia continued to fight.

It all began in 1964
, when she tried to run for a seat in Congress, whichand she became the first African American to do that.

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