I have two best friends who are very different from each other. They are Rawan and Abeer. The first difference between them is age. Rawan is 16 years old, and Abeer is 22 years old. Thus, they are have different ways of thinking and behaviorbehaving. The second difference is their hobbies. My friend Rawan likes dancing and workworking out. But Abeer likesprefers reading and writing. Therefore, when we meet, I becomeget so angry ofat them because they differ onin everything. For example, a few days ago we met and decided to do activitysomething for fun. However, they lost thewasted so much time ontrying to decide what we would do, so,that we didended up not dodoing anything. The last difference is social positiontheir marital status. Abeer is married, and she has a child. She is always busy and doeswe do not see each other much, on the other hand, Rawan is single. So we often see one another very much and hanging, hang out most of the time together, and doingdo everything together. In conclusion, my best friends are very different from one another in agetheir ages, hobbies, and social positionmarital statuses. Nevertheless, I love them so much. Moreover, I cannot live and do anything without them because they are my second family whoand support me.

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