There are three main differences between me and mymy best friend Rola and me. The first difference between Rola and Ime is that I am an open-minded . If I do not like something, I will be completely honest about it , and I will say it in a direct way, unlike. Unlike Rola, because she thinks it will hurt people. theThe next difference is that both of us do not share the same hoppyhobby. Rola likes to watch movies in her free time. For example, when she is finish offinished doing her homework, she will watch movies until late at night. On the other hand, I prefer reading books because whenever I read books i will not beI am never bored. For instance,, as I can imagine The actorsthe characters and their gestures. The last difference between Rola and Ime is that we do not have the same look. Rola has short hair, brown eyeeyes, and a dark complexion, unlike me . Also, Rola usually buybuys her clothes formfrom Ball and Bear, while I buy from GalniDae.

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