Learn from others' mistakes

Improve your language skills by learning from how we corrected others.

This brand of travel bags is one of the most comfortable bags ever,. iIt will help you with your clothes, files, and lots more. iIt is made of Bballistic nylon. .It's very durable and easy to clean, and Iit has a great ability to resistance to abrasion and tearing . This amazing bag has a three -section design.

So Mmany Ppeople want to adopt lonely pets, but nob odyne knows how to care for thiese animals. Dogs or cats can makgive us live happiness., It'sand having lpets tearnched ofs empathy ftor kids. It's and major responsibility, even for adult people. Having a pet isn't s only an advantage; it's also disadvantage, las iket's expensive,.....

FThe festival lLegends of rRock has been sinche 2007 yearld in Poland since 2007. It happens every summer, near the Baltic Sea. It is held in an amphitheatre, where the sound is brilliant. Here come tThe best rock stars and bands from allround the world. Icome to this festival; it's a big party. In! 2013, 2015 and 2016 was here oOne of the best guitar players in t.....

What did Eva wroite, in her first Facebook message to Noora?
Who play
sed Penetrator - Chris?
Chris t
elolsd her friends, that she was lkicked this summer. Where did this happen?
What brand is William's car?
27 January 27, 2017, a list was publitshed, which shofwed the two most popular baby names in Norway, i.....

The article presents the equivalence of the inhomogeneous Maxwell’s system and Einstein’s equations. The proof showed that gravity and electromagnetism are different forms of the same phenomenon, a more general law. These two different equations are unified in the generalized Clifford algebra -based .....

If after this agreement, the residuary stock of the X company is sold, the income shall be distributed to the shareholders.

To whom it may concern,

My name is Jessica Watson
;. I am one of the front desk agents at TownePlace Suites by Marriott., Llocated in Chattanooga, TN, at 7010 McCutceheon rRd. I am contacting you about an authorization that was made on a guesthe debit card whosf a guest name isd Raven Hall. The transaction took plac.....

Some could say that you're beautiful, sometimes because of theyour beauty and sometimes because of theyour altruisticm. Before, I was ashamed
of my qualities, but ithey isare the great gifts of
God, right?
I may not be perfect
, but I know that being warm
-hearted makes me vigorous.

It aims to facilitate the transition of a quality
, and related glossary, approaches
and methodologies from the policy-makers
and academic level
, to the implementation,
one through a methodology,
based on a bottom-up approach
, and mutual


tTo promote quality culture, and quality
assurance approaches in Early Childhood
Education and Care (ECEC) settings
tTo develop ready-to-use tools for self and
external evaluation
, with transnational validity,
and referr
eding to the 5five quality areas,
identified in the "Proposal for key principles

The Sequences Project is a bottom-up
reaction to the need
tof improvinge the quality
of Early Childhood Education and Care provision
eEurope, as emdergived from literature,
and partner
s' experiences from the ground.

Easter graphic


Please create two graphics for Easter

1. For all countries (in eEnglish) – Easter graphic with text "Happy Easter!"
2. For Poland: some funny graphic connected with
"śmigus-dyngus” – in the background we can see people who are throwing/splashing water. In the foreground, there a.....

Yeah, know it's getting late love, and I have to wake up early tomorrow to get ready for work. Thank you for spending time with me love. Goodnight, I love you.

During the pre-election campaign, the "peace program" of the “Congress-PPA" alliance presented to the society, which is based on the concession option of the Karabakh conflict settlement, the "Madrid principles", gradually becomes clear to the citizens. This was told by the parliamentary candidate of the Al.....

I love Snap Cchat because it is the most popular social networking program and I can follow celebrities as well. I can communicate with my family in Saudi Arabia by contacting them and I also see them directly. I expect the sSnap Cchat program isto be the best program in Sushocial Mmedia. I can also follow all.....

Hello Peter,

s very much for inviting me for lunch yesterday for lunch.

I must say I’m very interested
byin the project you told me about. I will send you my CV ASAP.

In the meantime, I want to highlight two things I can bring to your company:

1/ an expertise, developed atin integrating a full management r.....

Good afternoon Eng. iI hope you bare better..... wWhen are you have some free time, ,Mighlet yme knouw telland maybe toI can phoninge you ....i I sent my resignation to the CEO directly and i left themy wjork..b... may be I am recklessly, but I am more comfortable Nnow....

When all others abandons hope, the cold and desolate appearance highlights juxtaposition. nNiki cCaro uses a birds eye shot, showing the juxtaposition between nature and pPaikea is seen as an outsider; something that doesn't belong in the background as she still has her perception of hope and belief toin.....

I do remember you withholding my grade. I remember writing the paper but I don't remember you calling. In the end, it's all good! I was quiet, but only in certain situations. Junior year was just a hard year for me. Overall, high school was a great experience for me. Let me know when you will be in .....

Jeder sagt, dass ein Fan sein ein echt ein harter Job ist. EinZum Fan -Alltag gehören Schreien, Müdigkeit und nassgeschwitzt sein. Ein bBlendendes Bühnenlicht und dier sSuche nach einem begehrten Platz kaönnen für einen Fan sehr nervigend sein.
In Wirklichkeit haben viele Idole alle
hHände voll zu tun. Ihre Arbeit ist viel.....

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