firstFirst character.: A popular boy, who harasses a student in high school, has everyone with these feet, gives orders to everyone, and is basically the king of high school. He has a dead father and mother, his father has remarried and he hates his mother-in-law.

secondSecond character: theThe smartest student ofin the high school, who gets harassed by athe most popular , a. A person, itwho is the darling of all the teachers. His father died but he has a beautiful father because his

mother ishas remarried.

They realized that they were brothers by ties, the popular
one did not accept this and it ishas sworn that he will take revenge on his father onby the fact that he remarried and that he has, as brother, a nerd, and they

are sworn enemies.

it's gonna happen that, something happens that brings them both together, they'll. They'll realize that they're finally the same and they want the same thing, but. But something happens and they get a lot closer and have had their own delusions, their. Their parent decides to get divorced, Thethe nerd moves far away from the popular boy and...

The show has suspense, it has murders, the appearance of psychopaths and paranormal effects


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