Hi Chris, I do
apologies,. I have downloaded a program to autoto correct emails automatically, Re readingre-reading after sent, it seems the programs asprogram completely messed up the punctuation and misplaced words

Hi Chris,

I hope you are doing well. I am making contact, as I know you spoke toasked Jerome at ProRoof for me to reach out to you. I know I have provided samples with pricing a few weeks ago with pricing, which Michael Tracey was pleased with, and I believe from the feedback that Jerome was also more than pleased and impressed with the also. Michael liked the price and asked Nicole in accounts to send me a PO for the product, in which didhas not come- aftercome. After chasing Michael a few times, I did not want to be a hassle and stopped. Jerome aA few days later, Jerome sent me a photo of a Bremick pallet rocking up toat the site, in which to me was a major let down to me, as I was excited to work with you guys, and to have been told my product and price was great, to thenonly to receive that photo. Jerome at ProRoof has sent me some images of the screws purchased by EME for the job, which I have attached. I am dropping some samples to the site tomorrow.

I look forward to a reply from you
, Chris,. I hope I can help you &and we can both benefit from a positive working relationship together. If you have any questions about Hobson before meeting me, please don’t hesitate contactingto contact me via email or mobile… Matt Hobson 0400880354. I also look forward to hearing about your business and how you operate.

Many thanks,

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