Dear Apple representative,

I have been a customer at Apple for a very long time
, and I have good knowledge about your company and your products, as well as good knowledge of technology and software problems. andAnd I have used your customer services many times, and they were always good help, which is why I would like to help other Apple customers to use your products to the best of their potential and help them with any problems they might face when using Apple products to try and make their experience as good and easy as mine was thanks to Apple customer service.
I am a student
at High-schoolin high-school, and I will finish at the end of June. andAnd I would love to work for you to save up some money for university I could of course apply to other jobs but I would rather apply to places I would enjoy working and feel passionate about. I am a very good communicator, and I can get through to customers I have worked for as a customer service representative before for the Special Olympics Abu Dhabi 2019, and I loved helping people out. pleasePlease consider me for the job I applied for and have a great day!

Thank you in advance!

-Alaa Hasan Bani Hani

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