Expo Dubai 20202021 is one of the most important and largest international exhibitions, visited by hundreds of thousands of people, and that it will change the future for the better. Therefore, I am fully confident that my participation in the exhibition will add many, many andbe beneficial, and may I add that I am honored to represent the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz University, and then my college, College of Tourism, and. And I will endeavor to be an effective individual. Inin the pavilion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, andwith it being an international exhibition that helps and develops the exchange of cultures between the different peoples of the different world and promotes the concept of learning more about a national culture and communicating it to everyone with different cultures and languages.
as I have endeavored to develop my skills invia various sources, including training courses, cultural seminars, and everything that enhances my knowledge,. And besides my Arabic, which I am proud to speak English and French through my studies in the specialty of hospitality management.

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