Facilitator on Bi – weekly Project Managementbi–weekly project management communication calls and informal catch up calls;. Creation of packs, managing speakers, and content.
Speaker on
Bi – weeklybi–weekly PM Commscomms calls representing skillsthe Skills and Learning Portal updates.
Creator of the Competency & Capability Learning Portal
(Used(which is used widely by the PM/BA community and the wider BOI group).
Development of helpful team resources
(Guides(guides, Calendarscalendars, &and videos).
Tracking and measuring training attendance; displaying breakdown of attendees in visual format and using these results to escalate further.
Researching of external conferences and training offerings for PM and BA communities.
RespondentResponding to training queries in shared mailbox and other communication forums.
Drafting and issuing timely, relevant communications using
email/email/the Poppulo tool.
Testing out new communication tools that could be used by the team.
of surveys; allowing us to collect skills data in which we can use to identify training gaps.
Liaise and collaborate with the wider team as a whole to assist with harmonizing communications.
Organizing and prioritizing work to complete assignments in a timely, efficient manner.

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