Dear Galust Gulbenkian Foundation,

Greetings from Armenia,. I hope this email finds all of you well.

My name is Meri. My team and I are
reallyextremely motivated by your sponsorship program, and we would like to submit our project. But beforeHowever, prior to submission, we would like to check our projectthe relevancy of theour project content ofto the announced grant.

Let me briefly introduce our project.

Nowadays, in Armenia
, we have many specialists, talents from different spheres, students, self-learners, etc. who are dedicated to learnlearning new things from international professionals. Unfortunately, many of them do not have a good command of English and don't have an opportunity to gain knowledge, develop their skills, learn new things or just be motivated by different specialists, and professionals in the world.

With an aim to solve the mentioned problemthis challenge and contribute to the development of the educational sphere of Armenia, we would like to create Armenian content in architecture, design, painting and other related fields through translation and digitization.

We are currently looking for sponsors who would be willing to help us reach this goal.

Considering the third point of the project requirements approved by you, we would like to kindly check the relevancy of the idea to the grant to be sure that it will be considered after submission.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Meri Muradyan

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