Today, I feel like even though I’m moving forward, I am still feel stagnant, but moving, weirdly enough.
I had my first appointment with my dietitian today
, she. She says that I’m doing goodwell but just need to exercise more, and eat clean (Ex: veggiescleanly (veggies, fruits), etc), and drink more water, etc.
I made a plan for my exercise: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I
gotwill go to the gym and on each day work different of my body while thinking of how I feel doing the process.
afterAfter my dietitian appointment, I went to therapy, and this week we talktalked about being more detailed inwhen expressing my emotions and setting boundaries for myself and with others. For example;, on my days off I go out and enjoy myself, by either going to the bookstore, a museum, or just doing something random, by. By going out and socializing, I'm not isolating myself, and by doing so maybe I won’t be so lonely, even though I deniedwill deny this to my dying day.

I had a good day today
. I hope there is nothing but progressesprogress for me in the future to unlock my full potential and to become the woman I would like to be;: someone who is self-assured and proud when she looks in the mirror every morning and forever onwards.

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