At the moment, I have more than 4four years of professional experience in the Supply Chain Field. I have started my journey with “The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Saudi Arabia” as Regional Fleet Supervisor. It was a new field for me, but the experience and Technicaltechnical knowledge I gained and what National Fleet Manager (Eng. Shahid Kazmi) sense in me,sensed encouraged him to recruit me for this position. asand he mentioned this clearly in his recommendation. During this tenure, I got an opportunity to learn most of the Supply Chain processes i.e. purchasing, storage, logistic, distribution, and inventory controllingcontrol to provide good service to other departments. Earlier, I have been employed by ALJ, and my first manager (Eng. Yossri Al Assal) said that “I have the ambition to develop my skills”skills." When I got an opportunity to move to otheranother department to dive into this field., I accepted this challenge, and in less than 2two years, I was promoted asto Regional Warehousing and Distribution Manager. Also, you may see remarks from Dr. Andrew that I am always interested to learn new concepts tilluntil I master itthem in a very short time.

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