Dear Mrs. Rihem Saadaoui,

I am interested in applying for the position of
an human resourcesa Human Resources manager as posted in ieeeat IEEE.
I joined the IEEE ISIMA Student Branch in 2020-2021.
During the time I spent
inon this team, I have learned a lot of things whichthat helped
to improve my skills.
As a member of the
Human Resourceshuman resources committee, I got the chance to improve my communication
to be more open to others, not fearing offear starting a conversation with a straingerstranger, no matter
who he is,
and to make the flow of conversations go smothermore smoothly. Besides, I got more confortablecomfortable with speaking
english,English as my englishEnglish-speaking level also got betteradvanced. Meanwhile, working inon the Human Resourceshuman resources committee
givegave me the opportunity to understand the rules of the Human Resources manager better.
And i beliveI believe that iI will be able to manage this resposabilityresponsibility.

I am
exitedexcited to take actionswork together with the team andto help the ISIMA SB become more popular and inclusive
in our next activities.

I would be thrilled to have an opportunity to be
choosenchosen for this post. Thank you for your consideration .
sincerely ;Sincerely,

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