Hello Mr Peter Okoye,
I know you need a new member in your team
I know a thing or two that can help expand your analytics and fan base
Your last album was great but didn‘t get the love and respect it should
, maybe due to old ways of musical promotions. These days fans loveslove good music, yes, but present it to us in a way we can quickly absorb and digest it . For example, the trend and dance moves of bloody Samaritan challenge made it so popular because everyone fillsfeels left out if they don‘t do it . I can keep going on and on with the list like this, but I believe you get the message .
So what I‘m I proposing
? A member of your team that will be outside to see and view what your fans think and how they respond with your new releases and upcoming releases. Then come up with ideas and strategy that will help make the song reach its full peak.

Thanks for your time and I‘ll be expecting your response


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