She said, ‘’ "I think we should build the house like this. We will need four blue blocks and five red blocks.’’" She also enjoys being the leader in a play scenario and has been supported in understanding that when she is not the leader in play that, she is still actively playing.
Op has developed the ability to understand, self-regulate and manage her own emotions through connecting with the story, The Colour Monster. She can resolve conflicts independently and will seek assistance from her educators when needed. She has a confident understanding about ‘A choices’ (good choices) and ‘B choices’ (not good choices) and recently reflected on what she could do at
pePE to make an ‘A choice.. She said, ‘’my‘My A choice is saying I’ll be your friend.’’
During the winter months, she demonstrated interest in observing the growth of our carrots in the veggie patch. From this, she was able to use comparative language to question why some carrots were small, big, curly or straight.
During month 3, she created her own phone and was very proud of her achievement. She said,
‘’look"Look at this phone I made all on my own. It has lots of buttons you can press on it.’’"

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