whatWhat I learned during my 4-years4 years of training allows me to integrate well these areas that I have chosen, especially the study plan of this year, which focuses more on kinetics and catalysis and, the field of materials, and all thatthat it is in a relationship with. I am really interested in these areas and look forward to having the opportunity to prove that I am able to carry out what I have learned and learn much more about these fields.
I find this field very interesting
, always in innovation and development of new materials without forgetting that this field is opened onopen to several fields such as energy for example, by opening new perspectives to the containment of nuclear waste. also,Also the environment by reducing fuel consumption, for example, through the development of bio-based polymers to replace metallic automobile parts., as well as the health field where they are working on the design of new biological markers.
thisThis field is undergoing intense development aimed at industrial applicationapplications where it will solve several problems and facilitate several tasks .

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