MyselfEsther and EstherI had planned last week to solidify our offline marketing and sales every WednesdaysWednesday.

, I went out for offline marketing, professionally. Professionally, I'm a marketer. itIt is not new to me,. I began marketing and introduced all I have at God's Joy to people. Fortunately for me, I met a doctor who sealed the deal with me for honey supply. accordingAccording to him, he has suffered buying fake honey. asAs a matter of fact, he still has a 25litres of fake honey at home.

Dear business owners
: don'tDon't limit yourselfyourselves to online alone. thereThere are people who wouldwill not patronize online vendors. infactIn fact, the are allergyallergic to the internet (they don't fancy being online). thereThere are still lot of people out there who doesn'tdon't have access to Internetinternet access and they really neededneed what you are selling.

and make use of every opportunitiesopportunity that comes your way to your advantage.

I wish you all the best.

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