Production worker with 9 yearsyears' working experience. Proficient in multitasking activities and willing to learn another experience that drives me for excellence.

Get QC samples from running machine.
Visual checking of sample's cavity
, then writewriting of the cavity numbers in the sample.
CutCutting the samples using ............
CleanCleaning and organizeorganizing samples and getting them ready for measurements.

ConductConducting visual inspection of box, attachattaching printed labels inon the box, visual inspection ofvisually inspecting products, weighweighing them to assure completeness, and then boxing and packing them.
UseUsing pallet jack to transfer finished products from production to warehouse and to get materials from warehouse that being useused in production.
PrintPrinting good labels based on production plan.
ConductConducting functional testtests on productproducts using autograph testingautograph-testing machine.
PerformPerforming monthly raw materials inventory.
TrainTraining new employees based on work instruction.
Qualified at all work areas inside of our department.
One of the employees selected to send and train in Japan for the company's newly created product.

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