All You Need to Know About Meme Coins
Onyemachi Victoria. 12-Jan-2022.

Meme coins are cryptocurrencies based on memes or that were created as a joke in much the same way as a meme. In simple terms, they are branded off memes.

Meme coins are also cryptocurrencies, but the only difference is that they have no inherent value and oftentimes
, no utility. Therefore, a liquidity pool is used to give them value, and value is added when traders buy the coins or tokens out of the liquidity pool.

It is not advisable to put
in your life savings oninto meme coins, just extra cash will do. You could lose a lot when you invest in meme coins, but then you could also get over 1000x profit with meme coins. That is why they are terrible investments–INCREDIBLE GAMBLESinvestments –they are incredible gambles.

Meme coins have a very high circulating supply and 2021
havehas been an amazing year for them because of the internet hype around them. The best places to find out about meme coins are Twitter, Reddit, etc.

The table below shows some top meme coins by market capitalization.

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