Dear Sir/madamSir/Madam,
I’m writing regarding our
contract of my mobile phone contract, which has changed without letting me knowour knowledge.
Last week, I received an email with some information concerning my mobile plan. As a result, now I have to pay ten percent more than I used to
pay. I have always had problems with your service, sometimes. Sometimes I did not get the amount of internet service you hadwere contracted to provide to me, and there were many times when I lost a total connection ofto the internet, making me passwhich was very frustrating and caused some tough times as I workedtried to work with it.
I have tried to call customer service to get an appropriate
talkperson to tell me the reasons why you have decided to increase my payment and apologize because you never notifiednever apologized for not notifying me about this change. However, the person I spoke to wasn’t able to give me an answer, and even told me to call again, so now I am writing this.
If I do not hear from you within a week, I will have to report you to the proper authorities
, and ask you to stopdiscontinue my services with you.
I am looking forward to a prompt reply.
Yajhayra Fajardo

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