Unilever pulls the lever to fight Climateclimate change

Who said we
only have only bad news?

So, Unilever joins the list of biggies like Amazon, Microsoft, Thyssenkrupp AG and
NestleNestlé to commitmake a big oncommitment to the climate change fight. The FMCG giant recently announced an investment of a billion euros over ten years infor climate change projects, mainly intoin the areas of reforestation, water preservation and carbon sequestration. The investment shallwill also help towardsthe company to achieve net-zero carbon emissions from all its products by the year 2039, i(i.e. 11 years ahead of the Paris Agreement deadlinedeadline).

The company is also aiming to make all product formulations biodegradable
besidesin addition to achieving a deforestation-free supply chain in three years. Imagine the thousands of different SKUs that Unilever markets, they will have to offset the carbon impact of each one of them. If they can’t make a product green, they will stop selling it. A bold onemove indeed!

Maybe Coca-Cola can pull one out of Unilever’s book now?

Let’s build some weekend theoretical knowledge by imagining a
three-tiertriple-tiered pyramid. The first tier of the pyramid belongs to the companies or businesses, most of whom are primarily responsible for carbon emissions. The regulating governments occupy the second tier, and the final tier belongs to the individuals or the masses, like you and Ime.

, at PLEA Universe, believe that companies play a leading role in developing and supplying the ecologically sustainable products orand/or services to itstheir consumers. If they fail, the second tier, or the government, administersadmonishes them to perform thetheir duty.

But what if the government
also overlooks?looks the other way? Well, the final tier, i(i.e. all of us, comeus) comes into play. We are the voters and the consumers to whom, ultimately, both of the other tiers are accountable. So, every time a company commitssteps an inch towards sustainability, it’s because we are playing our part well.

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