Hi guys! Guess what? I just arrived in Spain! Sorry for not sending an email before,. I was at the airport, and the connection was terrible there. I already told you before that my last destination was France, and the last day of this trip was amazing! My group and I visited the famous Eiffel Tower, and it was absolutely lovinglovely.
After going to the Eiffel Tower, we decided to eat in the L'atelier Joel Robuchon. One of my friends had to talk with the waiter by making gestures
,: it was hilarious!
Going straight to the point, could you send me some money? I bought your souvenirs the last afternoon, and now I only have €50 :(. Actually, I need €100 to pay for the hotel.
I hope that tomorrow I will visit the Naval Museum of Madrid
,. I am very excited!
Please answer me as soon as you can.
See you very soon! Xoxo

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