The unprecedented advancement of the Internet has been witnessed in recent years. With such a large amount of global information available nowadays, isit no more fittedlonger fits well inside a few pieces of paper. While both printed and digital subscriptions serve the same purpose, I prefer digital magazine subscriptions due to the tool’s availability and its sustainability.
tooltools available in digital magazines are more comprehensive than in printed magazines. Printed magazines provide a break time after digital fatigue. However, however, the read-aloud feature provided in the digital magazines allows us to listen to the magazine when resting. They enableThis feature also enables us to understand how a particular word is pronounced and provideprovides a more intoxicating experience than ordinary printed text.
No ink, paper or
any chemicals are used in the digital magazines, yet 500 trees are felled for magazine consumption annually. Printed magazinemagazines impact the environment from their use of paper, daily transportation and printing facility neverthelessfacilities, however, digital magazines only impactsimpact the environment from their use of electricity. Therefore, digital magazines are more environmentally sustainable than printed magazines in the long run.
Based on the
two-justificationtwo justifications highlighted, a digital magazine subscription willwould fit perfectly for millennials. I willwould recommend millions of unlimited freemium magazines rather than paying for every single article.

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