There was once a hippopotamus who was a mathematical genius. He could do any calculation in his head, and he always getsgot the right answer. One day, he felt a terrible pain behind the eyes. It must be all this calculating that gavehas given me such a headache. I really ought to go and have my eyes tested. To tell you the truth, the hippo is awas very short-sighted, but he refusesrefused to admit it. The optician gave him a pair of glasses, and said, "You don't need to wear them all the time, but I think you should wear your glasses whenever you feel like doing any sums in your head." If a fire broke out in my house, I gotwould get everybody out of the house. Then I closedwould close the doors and windows to prevent the fire from spreading. Next, before I dialedleft the house, I would dial 999 and askedask for the Fire Bridge before I left the housefire brigade. If I had time I savedwould save a few belongings, such as my typewriter.

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