Ajna Center

Mental awareness

Defined in
48% of people
Undetermined in
52% of people

This is the Center of Mental Awareness, which is responsible for how a person thinks and processes the information, inspiration and thoughts that come to his head.

Functions in the structure of the psyche:
Way or way of thinking, memory

Characteristics of the Ajna Center:
4 Gate of
Gift - In the construction of logical concepts
11 Gate of Ideas
Gift - In what ideas are worthy of expression
17 Gate of Opinion
Gift - How to justify your opinion to others
24 Gate of Rationalization
Gift - In what knowledge carries the potential
43 Gate of Enlightenment
Gift - In what insights lead to knowledge
47 Gate of Realization
Gift - About what makes sense

Characteristics of the Ajna Center:
The uniqueness of our mind lies in its limitlessness: we can remember the past, observe the present, and anticipate the future. Our mind is designed to build concepts, invent something new, invent and create, getting joy from the very process of thinking. He's great at exploring possibilities, but he's completely unsuited for making decisions.
In this Center, fears of ignorance and misunderstanding are rooted, which are expressed by anxiety and anxiety. But they lose their power as soon as a person realizes that the mind cannot be an internal Authority, and begins to make decisions in accordance with his Design.

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