Dear Sir,

We are in receipt of the death claim of Late “Nasser Sulaiman Hilal”.
With reference to above where the borrower has availed of
the Loan of 1026247471146 on 23/03/2021, we inform you the following:

• As per
the internal notification of death form, the cause of death was Irreversible cardiorespiratory failure. He was brought in unresponsive on arrival, no pulse, BP not recordable. Pupil dilated and fixed. Cardiac monitor showed asystole, CPR was started adrenaline was given at 5 mints intervalminute intervals. No reversereversal. Death was declared at 5:50pm. ECG and rhythm strip recorded.

In order for us to be able to proceed with the claim
, we require the following documents.:

• An official letter from his attending physician to get information on his health status and medication

The customer details are as

Date of Birth : 18/01/1968
Date of Death :27/11/2021
Nationality : Omani
Civil ID No : 1555862

In the absence of the above, we are unable to proceed
onwith the processing of the claim.

TrustI trust you’re understanding.

The text above was approved for publishing by the original author.

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