Hello Elenor!Eleanor!
How nice to hear from you
, andI'm glad Youyou are coming! Chișinău is a wonderful city! You really must visit the variousThere are lots of must-see attractions that you must see!here! I would recommend that you to take a walk in the public garden StefanȘtefan cel Mare public garden, the heart of the capital, where various trees are planted, which makes the landscape to be taken fromlook like it's straight out of a fairy tale. The park is located near StefanȘtefan cel Mare boulevardBoulevard. .In the park you can see the Alley of Classics, which is a sculptural complex. There, you can see the Classicsclassics of Moldovan literature, who are our pride .Leaving Leave the park onthrough the main exit and cross the street, then go left to the Maria BiesuBieșu Opera and Ballet Theatre. It is one of the leading opera and ballet theatres in Eastern Europe. It was given the name of the renowned opera singer Maria Bieșu. Here you can watch the amazing ballet Performances performances. I have to go !! Write to me when you get here!

, Criss!

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