Posts everyone’s secret on his blog and the antagonist of the story. He suffered an allergic reaction, which killed him.

She is ‘the brain’the "brain" of the Bayview Four (Bronwyn, Addy, Nate, and Cooper). Dreams of attending Yale and is a gifted pianist.

He is ‘the criminal’the "criminal" of the Bayview Four because of the bad reputation he has for selling drugs. Her mother is a drug-addictdrug addict, and his father is alcoholican alcoholic.

He is
‘the jock’the "jock" of the Bayview Four. He is a star baseball player and, has a bright future, and is well-liked by the community, but hides the fact he is gay.
She is
‘the princess’the "princess" of the Bayview Four and she has been dating her athlete boyfriend called Jake.

He is Addy’s boyfriend and is well-liked but sometimes
becomebecomes a control freak.
A student at Bayview High and the goth girl. She was Simon’s only friend.

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