Mother-in-lawThe mother-in-law had the opportunity to meet her daughter-in-law, who has a taste for luxurious living.

WhileAlthough her family is used to supplementingsupplying only a few common fruits, the daughter-in-law insists on having five different types of fruitsfruit at home.

Despite living in the city,
shethe mother maintains a frugal lifestyle, cooking only lunch and saving leftovers for dinner, sometimes even for the next day. When her son introduced his girlfriend from Vinh City, Nghe An province, shethe mother felt uncomfortable. She never anticipated that this girl would have such a lavish lifestyle. During the meeting, she could only think only about advising her son not to continue the relationship with this girl.

Later, when the daughter-in-law moved in,
shethe mother had a serious conversation with her son about the significant expenses related to transportation, marriage, and extravagant living. She worried about her son's financial future, having because he would have to take care of both his own family and his wife's family.

When her son met a girl from Vinh Long, she immediately supported
themthe relationship. Despite the girl talking about her family's difficult financial situation, shethe mother didn't mind. For her, the most important thing was the girl's diligence and effort in work and studies.

However, after a few months of marriage, tensions arose between the couple.
SheThe mother discovered that this tension stemmed from the daughter-in-law's need to buy a variety of fruits to ensure an adequate intake of vitamins. SheThe mother realized that this demand exceeded the family's financial capacity, putting her son under unwanted financial pressure.

She felt uncomfortable with the daughter-in-law's excessive demands, especially when she realized that the daughter-in-law's family was already facing financial difficulties early in the marriage.
SheThe mother accepts poverty but doesn't understand why the daughter-in-law lives luxuriously and demands so much.

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